Jude’s blog

Jude’s blog

Well spring is in full swing here at my new home Cuil-an-Duin.  My friend Ace and I were very excited the other day as our winter rugs were taken off and now we can have a really good scratch and a roll around.  The view from our field is lovely. On clear days we have a great view of Schiehallion which is one of the best Scottish ‘Munros’.  There is still some snow at the very top but I think that will be gone this week.  Lots of people like to climb up it – far too much hard work if you ask me.

Our owners David and Sally have been very busy over the past few months doing lots of work around the house and garden. Yesterday was a bit scary as David came round the side of our field on a big noisy machine.  Apparently it makes nice paths through the woods for the guests to walk on.  There are some nice new benches around the place as well for guests to sit on and admire the view (us!)

There are lots and lots of birds whizzing around and singing too.  I’m not too sure what they are all called but Sally knows them all.  She got quite excited the other day as she saw Goldfinches in the garden.  We have lots of pheasants in our field at the moment. One of them has made a nest and laid an egg in our field shelter.  Not the best place really as I’m bound to step on it with my huge feet!

Well that’s all my news for now.  I’m off for a snooze in the sun with my pal Ace. Hope you enjoy my selection of photos.






Here’s me with my friend Ace.  We love it when guests come down to the gate to say hello.  Hope you like our synchronised moves -‘you put your right leg in…your right leg out…’!



I like having all the deer around the place but I’m glad the grass has started growing now -they kept pinching our hay over the winter!



David likes taking pictures of all the nice flowers.  He’s getting quite good at it I think.  This one looks good enough to eat!



We’re not allowed near this bit. Shame really as I’d love to have a good much of those daffs!